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Upstreet stands with those who love pickleball. Many Picklers have their sites set on gaining sponsorship, but are unsure what skill level is required or how to go about looking for it. True to character, Upstreet goes about it differently than most...

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Sponsorship Outline

Upstreet made a name for itself by being the first pickleball brand to offer a professional [USAPA] pickleball paddle at a reasonable price.


  • Select paddle design
  • Upstreet sends paddle
  • Upstreet sends jacket
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  • Win USAPA event
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  • Upstreet pays USAPA fees
  • Upstreet buys drinks
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USAPA Approved

Every pickleball paddle carries a unique performance package. Some pickleball players prefer power, other players rely on crafty touch. The Upstreet pickleball paddle attempts to stirke the perfect equilibrium. Our polymer honeycomb composite offers a crisp feel when striking the pickleball.

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Lightweight & Responsive

Upstreet's wide-framed pickleball paddle is designed to balance power and control. Upstreet's pickle grip absorbs sweat as to maintain supportive cushion throughout hours of consistent play.

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Masaya Chikamoto


He comes from the non-acting branch of the Coppola family: his father August (brother of Francis) is a comparative literature professor and his mother, Joy, a former dancer.

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